All In Bar

لبخندی زیبا در کمتر از 6 ساعت

ALL IN BAR® - New patented system


Create a rigid frame for a permanent bridge on the same day you place the implants! The purpose of the system is to create an extremely rigid frame / titanium bar to distribute charge, eliminate micromovements and strengthen the bridge to make it "permanent". It provides the mechanical features of machined framework at a competitive price, with a result in under 6 hours.

⟩ For the practitioner
• Less manufacturing time of the bridge (less appointments).
• Very cost-effective.
• No disadvantages related to the titanium cast.
• Framework with precised machined connections without the intervention of a machining center.

⟩ For the patient
• Setting up of the prosthesis the same day as the implant placement.
• Very competitive price.


⟩ Global All In Bar® protocol
To enable us to receive patients at 8.30 am and screw the permanent bridge by 6.30 pm, each step is optimised around a global protocol (impression, preservation of intermaxillary relations, prefabricated elements, etc.).

⟩ Completion of bridge in 6 hours
The framework is completed in the laboratory using pincers for 15 to 25 minutes. The resin work is traditional, with plaster cast and flasking. Next, two techniques are possible: injected molded resin or pressed resin for polymerisation.




⟩ 2 horizontally flexible wings and vertically very rigid. The horizontal allows them to be easily bent in order to fit the patient’s arch anatomy.

⟩ Possibility to touch up the wings by cutting them in the height and/or width.

⟩ Sandblasted abutment in order to allow the resin to have a good grip.

⟩ Asperities (holes and irregularities) allowing the resin to infiltrate in the wings.

⟩ Goes on TETRA abutments of our ranges of implants.